Humans of 1403: Leadership 2017-2018

Vraj M., Team Captain

Vraj edited final

“As engineers, we are often in the unique position to change the world, not just study it”

Niveditha B., Logistics Manager

“We are not only a team, we are a family.”

Anna Z., Assistant Logistics Manager


“Robotics is not only about the robot, team members gain a diverse range of skills from public speaking to leadership.”

Aamhish R., Robot Manager

“Robotics to me is more than just a small club that people imagine us to be. It is a fun place where you can really learn a lot and have a fun time doing it.”

Vineet P., Robot Assistant Manager

“Robotics is much more than a club. In my opinion, it can’t be compared to a sport either. Not in terms of commitment or time, but simply because robotics in itself is different from any activity I’ve ever done.”


Outreach focuses on maintaining involvement and creating opportunities in the robotics community. Our biggest projects so far has been overseeing the First Lego League team in the middle school.

Emily M., Outreach Co-Captain


“I think our team is like High School Musical, we are all so unique but at the end of the day, we’re all in this together.”

Rithika A., Outreach Co-Captain

Edited- Rithika Athreya

“My favorite experience on the team was doing Chairman’s with my friends. I learned a lot about what our team stands for, our history, and how we spread FIRST in the community, which has helped me feel more connected to the team.”

Audio & Visual

AV is responsible for taking photos and videos of the team and capturing the moments that define Team 1403. Our main jobs include making the team photo board, mechanical tutorial videos, and the chairman’s video.

Kevin K., AV Captain

“Robotics is a team, not a club. We compete and work just as hard, and if not more than some other school sports teams.”


The Business Team is responsible for managing our team standards and ensuring that overall, Team 1403 embodies a professional character. We are accountable for team documentation and our primary tasks include writing the Chairman and Woodie Flower’s essays as well as the weekly newsletters that articulate the workings of the team.

Elizabeth S., Business Captain

Edited Captain of Something #4

“Robotics has been memorable because it allows me to learn important skills that I can carry out in the real world, from teamwork to leadership.”


Everything you see on this website, is brought to you by the Communications Team. We do everything from designing our logos and graphics to controlling Team 1403’s social media accounts, all to ensure the website is up to date and looking its best.

Melissa K., Communications Captain

“Robotics is like a miniature company, all the students have jobs and tasks to do which collectively makes and displays an awesome robot.”


The Design Team focuses on using Autodesk Inventor to design and document the robot. We are responsible for creating a robot manual that can enable anyone to understand how our robot was built. Additionally, we use 3DS Max to create a safety animation that we submit in December.

Venkat C., Design Co-Captain

“Building a robot is one thing. Building teamwork is another. Teamwork makes Robotics a thousand times more fun.”

Karina Z., Design Co-Captain

“To any new members, I’d say don’t worry about not knowing things. Take your first year to absorb as much information as possible and ask questions. After all, robotics is a place where you can learn new things, problem solve, and meet new people.”


The Electrical Team acts as the bridge between the Programming and Mechanical teams. We create the electrical board, power the motors, and wire the sensors for the robot.

Daniel K., Electrical Co-Captain

“My favorite thing about robotics is the competitions; you are put under a time constraint to build the best robot you can build within six weeks. This pushes you mentally to think outside of the box use what exists currently and improve upon it.”

Surya M., Electrical Co-Captain

“New members should strive to learn as much as they can from as many people as they can. Knowledge is not restricted to one sub-team and the more you know, the more you can help the team.”


The Mechanical Team focuses on building and repairing the robot used in competitions. We are responsible for making the robot as well as maintaining its performance.

Alexander A., Mechanical Captain

“Any pizza is a personal pizza if you believe in yourself.”

Andrew T., Mechanical Assistant Captain

“One thing that I know about robotics that could surprise a lot of people are the people within robotics itself. We aren’t just those stereotypical nerds and geeks, we are actual people who have all sorts of personalities that all blend together in this nice, friendly and light hearted environment.”


The Programming Team is responsible for programming the robot using Java. We produce the code that is required in order to successfully complete each year’s challenge.

Nivedhitha S., Programming Co-Captain

“One of my most memorable moments was when we were all setting up for our Montgomery District Event and we were super excited to host an event at our own school. A bunch of us were volunteering the entire weekend, and it was really fun to get a different dimension to competing.”

Mihir S., Programming Co-Captain

“My favorite thing about the team is the people, our Friday night meetings are the most memorable because of how much we get to know each other. “

Janum S., Programming Co-Captain

Edited- Janum Shah

“The programming team breathes life into the robot! It is essential to the robot’s functioning – otherwise, it’s just a piece of metal.”


The Strategy Team collects and analyzes data on robots during competitions to help plan match strategies and make alliance picks.

Prianca N., Strategy Co-Captain

“The games are like sporting events! People have signs, posters, T-shirts, cheers…it’s all a cultivation of the amount of hard work that not only the drive teams but the team members in the stand have put into their robots!”

Riya P., Strategy Co-Captain

“A memorable experience on the team was when the we reached the finals at Mount Olive last year and everyone’s energy level was off the charts during the competition!”