Humans of 1403: Leadership 2016-2017

Mayank K., Team Captain


“We all succeed together or fail together. None of us are on our own.”

Shruti D., Logistics Manager


“I really wish I had joined the team earlier. If I had known about robotics or FIRST my freshman year I definitely think I would’ve taken advantage of more opportunities.”

Vishaka N., Assistant Logistics Manager


“My advice would be to try new things. The good thing is, every year you can re-apply to a different sub-team, so keep trying until you find one that really suits you.

Aman K., Robot Manager


“I have met my most interesting friends here.”


Outreach focuses on maintaining involvement and creating opportunities in the robotics community. Our biggest projects so far has been overseeing the First Lego League team in the middle school.

Aparna C., Outreach Ambassador


“No matter how bad of a day I’ve had, I can always find myself smiling seeing the kids in First Lego League having fun while working.”

Emily M., Outreach Ambassador


 “I think our team is like High School Musical, we are all so unique but at the end of the day, we’re all in this together.”

Audio & Visual

AV is responsible for taking photos and videos of the team and capturing the moments that define Team 1403. Our main jobs include making the team photo board, mechanical tutorial videos, and the chairman’s video.

Sam N., AV Co-Captain


“I am a licensed amateur radio operator.”

Manaswi A., AV Co-Captain


“When people ask me if I do a sport, I just say robotics because of two reasons: we get a varsity letter at the end of the year and the amount of energy it takes for me to understand Photoshop. “


The Business Team is responsible for managing our team standards and ensuring that overall, Team 1403 embodies a professional character. We are accountable for team documentation and our primary tasks include writing the Chairman and Woodie Flower’s essays as well as the weekly newsletters that articulate the workings of the team.

Anna Z., Business Captain


“Robotics is a great opportunity to explore your interests so don’t be afraid to get involved.”


Everything you see on this website, is brought to you by the Communications Team. We do everything from designing our logos and graphics to controlling Team 1403’s social media accounts, all to ensure the website is up to date and looking its best.

Melissa K., Communications Captain


“Nowadays the amount of given options to communicate is overwhelming, you have different languages, different social media platforms, and instant text messaging. Its made life more versatile.”

Nive B., Communications Assistant Captain


“I’m a pretty quiet girl but I can communicate like a boss. See what I did there?”


The Design Team focuses on using Autodesk Inventor to design and document the robot. We are responsible for creating a robot manual that can enable anyone to understand how our robot was built. Additionally, we use 3DS Max to create a safety animation that we submit in December.

Andrew X., Design Co-Captain


“Everyone there is like one big happy family where we can have fun, yet also get work done.”

Karina Z., Design Co-Captain


“It might not be easy at first, but if you keep trying, you could do great things.”


The Electrical Team acts as the bridge between the Programming and Mechanical teams. We create the electrical board, power the motors, and wire the sensors for the robot.

Jack W., Electrical Captain


“When you join robotics, you’re not joining a club, you’re joining a team.”

Avi D., Electrical Assistant Captain


“Stick with it, learn as much as you can, and you might figure out that you like this a lot.”


The Mechanical Team focuses on building and repairing the robot used in competitions. We are responsible for making the robot as well as maintaining its performance.

Chris W., Mechanical Captain


“Robotics is a really big commitment for me, but I also play ice hockey and would’ve loved to have been on the varsity ice hockey team.”

Kausthubh G., Mechanical Assistant Captain


“This really becomes your family and the place where you spend most of your time after school.”


The Programming Team is responsible for programming the robot using Java. We produce the code that is required in order to successfully complete each year’s challenge.

Brian C., Programming Co-Captain


“I like to design and program video games in my free time.”

Aamhish R., Programming Co-Captain


“Without programming, you kind of just have, well, a puppet that can’t really do anything. We are the ones who work with the puppet and give it life.”


The Strategy Team collects and analyzes data on robots during competitions to help plan match strategies and make alliance picks.

Joseph D., Strategy Captain


“One thing about me that people may not know about me is that I have a passion for the arts, whether that be visual arts, music or fashion.”

Alex W., Strategy Assistant Captain


“It surprises people that robotics isn’t just about building the robot: there are so many other aspects on the logistics side that people don’t really consider.”