The Compass Alliance

The Compass Alliance (TCA) is a project aimed to help FRC teams along their journey. The goal of the project is to improve team retention by removing barriers and helping teams wherever they are in their FIRST journey.

The Compass Alliance strives to provide short and long-term help and resources to support you and your team. If you’re wondering how to re-image your radio at 2am, looking for a field/machine shop in your area, trying to create a sustainable team structure, or just want some resources, The Compass Alliance aims to help you find your path. To view all the services currently available, please visit

This is a long-term project for our teams. It requires a huge amount of input and data from the entire FRC community. In the simplest terms, TCA attempts to consolidate, streamline and organize a vast pool of resources available to new and struggling teams. What you see is the next step in a long road we expect to pull in hundreds of teams and thousands of different resources.

Additionally, TCA realizes that team retention is a many-faceted issue with no one “magic bullet” solution. The group will be running longer-term research to identify why teams discontinue. Many of the resources and tools currently offered came from working with Regional Directors from around the world to determine what rookie and struggling teams need to succeed.

To view all the services currently available, please visit